Monday, August 15, 2011

I've done it again....

Remember these? 

Well, in case you have forgotten how these first started out,  I posted about them here and about a similar project here.

I'm at it again...spray paint!

But this time ORB {oil rubbed bronze}.

It's it  pretty?!

They match our new floor lamp we got as a wedding gift from Lumen Lamps in our living room {which is not quite ready to be revealed}.  Who would have thought that the ugly 1970s lamps I grew up with, that we tried to sell in a yard sale about 15 years ago, lived with my sister in her apt, then in mine, would be living large in our home and look so great!

Do you have any spray paint transformations?

**TIP:  If you are thinking about a spay paint options here a few a tips:
1. Make sure your surface is clean
2. Only spray paint in a well ventilated area - if you do it outside be careful that debris is not going to fly around and stick to your surface once painted.  You also do not want it to be too windy.
3. Make sure you are continuously moving the spray paint can - you do not want to over spray one area and then have it drip.  It is better to do multiple coats instead of one heavy coat.
4.  Let it dry over night before handling

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  1. I love the lamp.... but I also love the frame with your names on it! Where is that from?

  2. Thanks, Katelin! I'm not sure where the frame came from, it was a wedding gift. I can tgry to din out. We love it, too!


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