Thursday, June 9, 2011

I love spray paint!

Some of you may remember this post where we updated some table lamps with a little can of silver metallic spray paint.

Well, I did it again :)
It is just so easy and it makes SUCH a difference.

Our reception was held in the fellowship hall of our church.  It isn't the most beautiful space, but it does have a kitchen and enough room for a large crowd {and it didn't cost much!}.  The chandeliers that hang in there were a bit out dated in all their beautiful shinny brass glory {sarcasm intended}.

{Love this lady!  Sure hope they don't mind being on
here!  Photo courtesy of Mrs. Barbara Fox}

After getting approval from the church {and every bride that is using them after me for the remainder of the summer}, I gathered some very nice friends and family and we cleaned, sanded, took apart, painted and polished all four chandeliers.  Some were skeptical and I don't blame them...

...but I think they turned out great!  They made the space look so different and really made me feel like I put my touch on it.  I just hope everyone else that has to use them from now on feels the same way!

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