Friday, September 9, 2011

Dining room complete and a "New" table

So, I mentioned this on Wednesday's post.
Could you guess what was bothering me about the dining room before?
I think it looks like a big orange pumpkin in the middle of the room!

So, I took it out {ahh...much better}

Then had to replace it with something while I worked on it
{don't worry, the chairs eventually were removed as well}

And she is...our lovely 'new' table and chairs!


I know, she looks SO much better!

And some of our lovely wedding gifts :)

She turned out just as I had imagined.

{and the Husband seemed impressed!  Said "it worked better than I thought it would" - he has a trust issue on some of me grand ideas - we're working on that :)}

This was definitely a labor of love, but I would do it all over again in a heart beat.  For my birthday I asked for an orbital sander {knowing that this was my plan}.  I got this Ridgid orbital sander which is available at Home Depot {and I'm sure other places}.
 I sanded down the top and some on the legs where there was some rough spots with the power sander.  Then I stained the top Dark Walnut with an oil based stain.  It took about 3 good coats to get the deep color I really wanted.  I was amazed at how great the wood grain looked! 

Then the polyurethane process began.  This was my least favorite part and took the longest.  I applied 4 coats of oil based polyurethane with a satin finish.  I didn't want a real high shine on the table since I was going for more of a farm table look, and this finish was perfect.  I should note that I tried the spray polyurethane first {since I love spray paint and all!}, but it dripped really bad!  I would only use it again on vertical surfaces, maybe.  I ended up brushing it after spraying it on and then ran out and just bought the can the next time.

Now everything works much better together and I can move on to the next room to complete!

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  1. I really love this!!!! The buffet, the table, everything! <3

  2. Oh my goodness I love it! I have the exact same table except for mine is dark! I have been wanting to trade it out for something similar to your makeover look but you have just inspired me to just do the darn thing over! Thanks:)

  3. missy, you did such a great job.. i did the same thing to my table a while back. It looks SO much better. Cute blog too. found you on missmustardseed.

  4. So nice and clean! Looks so inviting!!

  5. That really does look much, much better!

  6. So pretty! Looks like something out of PB!

  7. It's gorgeous! You did a wonderful job on the table, but the entire room is beautiful! The table, the table setting, the mirror, gorgeous drapes! It's picture perfect!

    I'm so happy to participated in Potpourri Friday! You are a real asset to the parties' success! Thanks! Hope you will link again this week!

  8. The table looks so awesome!!! You have inspired me to refinish my entry table!

  9. Hi! I'm visiting from my sister's blog "Home Stories A2Z" today. She was telling me about your table! It turned out beautiful! Love that walnut stain!

  10. Amazing difference. Thanks for the tutorial.

  11. It's absolutely lovely, the perfect table for this room, what a transformation. ENJOY!!!!

  12. I love it when a good plan comes together..and so happy you got the gift you what are you asking santa for? LOL! good is a beautiful room..
    Enjoy time...

  13. Love it! I'm halfway done with refinishing my tables and chairs...table is done, chairs are next. Our stain color looks about the same:) Were the chairs a pain?? That's what I'm hesitating on,. I can't decide if I'm going to do all white, or take the time to stain the seats. Anyway, love how yours turned out!

  14. Beautiful! I am stopping over from At the Picket Fence. I have similar dishes and love how you did your tablescape. Great job on the table!

  15. Thank you for all your kind emails! A I sit at the table right now I am still amazed at how great it turned out and that it only cost about $50 :)

  16. can't believe the difference. Your table and chairs are beautiful!!! Doesn't everyone love a GREAT before and after???

  17. They truned out amazing...and my husband has also trust issues with my ideas :D
    A visit from French Country Cottage
    Plz check out my blog if you have time.Thx

  18. what a difference
    a little paint and polish
    can do

    i do adore your dining room now

    thanks for linking it up
    to fridays unfolded!


  19. Oh wow, I love the new table, and you did a fabulous job refinishing it! Your dining room is beautiful. Do you know the paint color name? It's a great color. Thanks so much for linking up to Roomspiration!

  20. Wow-it's lovely! I am flirting with the idea of refinishing my dining table and chairs. I have black accents in my kitchen. Do you think I could use similar stain on the table top and black the bottom? Would that look ok?

    1. Thank you! I debated on using white or black below becuase either would go with our furniture, so yes, I think a walnut stain will go with black. Good luck! Would love to see how it turns out if you go for it.

    2. Beautiful table! I actually have the same one with the icky pumpkin color. I have been procastinating on staining the table because I heard it is such a pain. I like that you just stained the table top and painted the rest. Brilliant! Can I ask how you did the chairs and table legs? Did you use a brush or roller? Just regular house paint? Did you need to put polyurethane over them as well? Any tips, please share :)

    3. All paint was leftover trim paint(semi-gloss) from the rest of the house. I brushed everything. If/When I did/do it again I would remove the seats from the chairs. It would be a lot easier that way. No poly on the paint, but I might try a wa finish next time. I applied about 4 coats poly on the top with a sponge brush. I hear the stain with poly already in it work really well, too! Good luck!

  21. this is a bit unrelated... but what color are your walls painted? i love it!

  22. Hi there, looking at doing this to my table. Did you have to detach the seats from the chairs to sand it?

  23. I did not detach the seat, but I would next time. It would have been much easier to paint and stain. It is completely doable if you don't, though.


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