Monday, October 17, 2011

Pinteresting Post #3

Today's Pinteresting post can to me by total accident.  I was gathering pictures for a completely different topic {one I will reveal at a later date} when I decided to take a little break and lean back to relax for a minute...and then it hit me!

That is one boring, blah ceiling!

I then decided to change the post completely because too often I look up during a 'mental break' while working or when I lay down at night I think to myself, "Why are all our ceilings flat, boring and white?"

While perusing through Pinterest I am almost always drawn to interesting ceiling details and when working with clients I always address the ceiling, so why, in my own house, are all the ceilings 'ceiling white' and flat?!

So, today I hope to inspire you to address that 'fifth wall' with color, texture, pattern....the possibilities are endless!

I tried to only choose things that could be applied to existing flat ceilings...


Have I inspired you to look up?

If adding beams, bead board, or molding are not options due to height, cost, or ability a color on the ceiling can truly make a big difference!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pinteresting Post #2

This weeks Pinteresting Post is completely selfish...but I hope you enjoy...

I am trying to complete our guest room and have been looking for inspiration.  Like the dinning room, the guest room has a lot of the 'prettier' or 'girlier' things.  The guest room is also my houses all of my clothes and my bedroom furniture from before we were married.  We used my white comforter and got some new silk draperies in a pretty teal to add some color.  The room has been 90% complete since the second week I moved in, but the walls are bare and therefor the room is not complete enough to share. 

I have always liked gallery walls and collages and love them in hallways, up staircases, or in entry rooms. We have none of those spaces...well we do have a hallway, but it isn't big enough for this.  So, I am thinking about doing one in the guest room.  I need something over the headboard and there is one small blank wall in there, so I have a few options.  I have collected a few things that could be used for a gallery wall, but had not been able to commit to a plan.  I found a lot of great inspirational gallery walls on Pinterest last week to jump start me and get me moving on this project that has been sitting on the bed for months.

{click on the image for source}

We have the same letters we could incorporate...

I am liking the open frame look...

There is just something about silhouettes...

I like the mirrors and the framed letter...

These are very neat...

maybe a ledge?

black and white photos and distressed frames...

Chalk it!

I think I might have to combine many aspects of these ideas to create my own. 

What do you think about gallery walls?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Pinteresting Post...

Do you not love Pinterest?

If you have not heard of pinterest or you have not played around on the site, put it on your to-do list!

There are so many great things posted on Pinterest - inspiring photos, great links to tutorials, dinner ideas...the possibilities are endless on what you could find.

I have decided to start something new. 

Every Monday I will post....A Pinteresting Post.  It will have a collection of things I found the previous week on Pinterest, or something that really caught my interest, or maybe even about something I tried after seeing it on Pinterest.  There are so many great ideas and I hope to be able to showcase just a little bit of it each week.  I hope you will come back every Monday to be inspired too!
Today I thought I would share some fall decor ideas.  If you haven't gotten out your fall decor yet, maybe this will be the inspiration you need.  if you already have and are done for this season, maybe it will give you ideas for next year that you need to keep in mind as you raid the holiday sale section over the next few weeks :)

Creative take on the pumpkin topiary idea.  Very easy to replicate and you could use the berry wreaths again!

I love the burlap runner with frayed edges.  This is on my to-do list. And I think the little witches broom on the plate is too cute!

I LOVE the look of mercury glass, but it is so expensive.  I am really looking forward to trying this DIY project out with looking glass spray pain!

Such a sophisticated and unexpected look.  You should really check out her post - a lot of neat ideas!

Not fall decor, but nothing says fall like the smell of baked apples filling the house!

I just think this is fun!  Now I just need a reason to make one :)

I hope you enjoyed a little fall inspiration.  To follow me on Pinterest click here:
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sweet baby boy nursery...

I am at the point in my life where it seems that everyone is in baby mode.  Most of my friends are either pregnant or already have the first and are thinking about baby #2.  We just got married so we are not quite there yet, but we sure do like having friends and family with little ones that we can play with and then return them to their parents when they get fussy!

Another perk is that I have had the opportunity to help with some nurseries.  I am excited to show this little boys nursery.  This room has a great balance of little boy and sophistication.  The parents really wanted to select furniture that would grow with their child. 

We selected just the right shade of blue for the walls, Sherwin Williams Hinting Blue {SW 6519}, to work with the perfectly understated bedding from Restoration Hardware {it has been discontinued}.  The curtains were custom made and will easily grow with this little boy or work in another room.  We selected a neutral upholstery for the chair to allow it to be used with any gender {future babies?}.

The parents wanted to do a custom monogram above the crib, so we selected SW Well-Bred Brown {SW 7027} for the letters and large boarder and SW Denim {SW6523} for the inner boarder.  It was a fun project and I was glad to be able to do something so personal for this nursery.  This is a great idea not only for nurseries, but in a living room or in a master bedroom.  With some strategic measuring, home made stencils and a pencil this is an easy weekend project that can cost next to nothing!

There is just something about a sweet little nursery, isn't there?

I am linking up to the Roomspiration Blog Hop and Linking Party: Nursery addition over at a la mode.  Check out all the other great nurseries!

Fall linking parties....great inspiration!

I shared my new fall wreath last week.  I haven't added much fall decor to the house other than a small fall table scape to the dining room table.  I have limited myself to these two things this year, as I do not want to scare the new husband too soon with holiday transformations {I'll leave that for Christmas!  I love decorating for Christmas}

Today I am linking up to two fall decor linking parties.  I encourage you to check out some of the great ideas other bloggers and DIYers are doing! 
Leave me a comment below with a link to your fall project or let me know what you have been working on!

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Roomspiration Blog Hop: Dining Rooms

I am hopping on over to Involving Color today for the Roomspiration blog hop & link party.  Involving Color is hosting the dining rooms link party and has some great ideas linked up!  I highly suggest checking out all of the host blogs to find some inspiration for your next room transformation.


Monday, September 19, 2011

What a week...

Last week was quite the week for me here in blogland...

It all started out with the reveal of my 'new' dining room table...

and ended up with 4 features on some of my favorite blogs!

Decorate Tutorials

I could't have been more excited to receieve all your emails, read all your comments posted here and all the lovely things the authors said on their sites about my work on the table.  Thank you so much!

Please take the time to check out these creative bloggers by clicking on the buttons above, you might be inspired and find a new favorite blog {other than defining designs, of course}!  And if you have found me through one of these sites, I am so glad to have you here!

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