Monday, October 17, 2011

Pinteresting Post #3

Today's Pinteresting post can to me by total accident.  I was gathering pictures for a completely different topic {one I will reveal at a later date} when I decided to take a little break and lean back to relax for a minute...and then it hit me!

That is one boring, blah ceiling!

I then decided to change the post completely because too often I look up during a 'mental break' while working or when I lay down at night I think to myself, "Why are all our ceilings flat, boring and white?"

While perusing through Pinterest I am almost always drawn to interesting ceiling details and when working with clients I always address the ceiling, so why, in my own house, are all the ceilings 'ceiling white' and flat?!

So, today I hope to inspire you to address that 'fifth wall' with color, texture, pattern....the possibilities are endless!

I tried to only choose things that could be applied to existing flat ceilings...


Have I inspired you to look up?

If adding beams, bead board, or molding are not options due to height, cost, or ability a color on the ceiling can truly make a big difference!

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