Thursday, July 28, 2011

Move over Ree...{warning - random post ahead}

Just kidding {not about the random part}

Ree, is the Pioneer Woman that I believe most of you already {or SHOULD} know by now.  She has great recipes, but ever better, she has pictures to go with every step.  Let me be clear, I am in no way claiming that I could ever be as good as she is!

I haven't ever written on here about food, and don't necessarily plan it becoming a habit, but lately I have been in a baking mood. With a small dinner group coming over tonight, I have been excited to get in the kitchen.  The Husband decided he wanted to make fajitas and I found a new recipe on the Pioneer Woman's website for salsa.  I know that isn't baking...yet.  I am very picky about salsa - I DO NOT like chunky salsa!  The only thing I did different from her recipe was to leave out the jalapeno seeds - I got nervous.  It would have been ok...should have listened to her, she knows better than I.

My parents came for a visit - our first overnight visitors in our home!  It was a fun weekend of relaxing, eating, flea market{more about that soon} shopping, and the Franklin farmer's market.  At the farmer's market I got some blueberries, green pepper, green beans, and zucchini - I thought zucchini bread sounded great!

Well, today was the day.  I don't have a recipe on hand and since I was already at the Pioneer Woman's blog, I search there on Tasty Kitchen, where readers can upload their own recipes to share with other readers!  I found this cute muffin recipe...and Oh - My - Goodness....they are yumm!

I ended up filling the muffin with the frosting inside with a decorator's tip - I thought it made it more fun to find the sweet cream cheese and sugar mixture inside.  Unfortunately, the Husband does not like zucchini and is unwilling to give these a try, yet.  Oh well, more for me!

*This makes a lot!  I only made 2 dozen and trashed the rest because I did not have another muffin pan and didn't not want to wait to clean up - wasteful, I know.  I did put half in the freezer before frosting and put half the frosting in the freezer as well.

**My frosting may look different than yours if you try this...I didn't have enough powdered sugar and didn't know it until I had already put all ingredients in bowl.  I added other sugar and some light brown sugar that I had on hand...butter, sugar, cream could this be bad?

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