Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Capturing all the moments...our photographer...

We were blessed to find Justin Wright of Justin Wright Photography.  After we had decided to use Justin we found out we had several connections as his wife and my now sister-in-law were roommates in college.  Silly as it sounds, things like that put my mind as ease, especially when it came to my wedding photographer!  He was so easy to work with and helped make our special day enjoyable with no stress!  He really does great work.  Most of the time we didn't even know he was there, but he captured so much of the day, moments we would have otherwise forgotten.  Please visit this post from his blog highlighting our wedding day.

You can also go to this link for all of the wedding photos.  If you would like to have anything printed or would like to download feel free, all are available to download for free!
**Sorry for no pictures in this post, having technical difficulties today uploading photos to the blog. 
All previous wedding photos are courtesy of Justin Wright Photography. **

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