Monday, May 23, 2011

May 7th, 2011 = Best day EVER

After a whirlwind few months of planning and moving{still not done with that} and more planning,
we are finally

We had a beautiful and relaxing honeymoon{pictures and post coming}, however.... it is back to reality - bills, work{to pay for said bills}, moving the rest of my stuff, and making room for all of that stuff.


This week I would like to reminisce a little bit about my wedding and hightlight some of our amazing vendors and memorable moments.

First, our cakes...because we LOVE cake!

Our cakes were done by The Bake Shoppe with Main Event Productions in Nashville, TN.  I couldn't have asked for more!  They were beautiful and so delicious. 

The bridal cake was 4-tier cake with white butter cream frosting.  The Bake Shoppe allowed us to mix up cake flavors from tier to tier as well as within some of the tiers!  The bottom tier had strawberry and white almond cake.  The second tire was all strawberry and the third was all white almond.  The top tier, that has been carefully wrapped and frozen for our first anniversary, is strawberry and double chocolate chocolate chip{part of the Groom's cake}.  If cake can be juicy - this strawberry cake is! 
So good!  I even asked T{the Mr.} if we could just eat it next month - he said no.
They also matched the fondant ribbon at the base of ever tier to my sash and bridesmaids dress color!

The Groom's cake was a mix double chocolate chocolate chip and red velvet cake with a chocolate butter cream frosting, chocolate ganache drizzle and chocolate covered strawberries.  We just found out that there was more of this cake in his mom's freezer - we are so excited!  

If you are in the market for a special occasions cake or need an excuse to have a really yummy cake, contact The Bake Shoppe!  They were so easy to work with, a great value and delivered a great product. 

All photos are curtousy of the amazingly talented Justin Wright of Justin Wright Photography.  Post on him coming soon.

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