Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The dress...

My wedding dress...
maybe my favorite thing about the entire day, other than the guy at the end of the aisle :)
{and the fact that we got to go on vacation}

The story behind the dress is fun...

In true girl fashion, I began looking online at wedding stuff about a year before we got engaged.  I found this dress online and loved it, so I stashed the picture away in a file and found out where in Nashville I could find this designer.  A year later, after we got engaged, my mo and sister came in town and we went dress shopping.  It was a busy day and a half visiting three dress shops with the third shop carrying the said dress line I had fallin in love with a year before. 

By the end of the second dress shop, I had found one I loved and could imagin myself getting married in.  We decided to go to the third shop anyway, just to be sure {by this time I had completely forgotten about the said dress}.  We casually flipped through more dresses, picking out about 10 to try on.  I remember liking one in particular and when the dress consultant handing it to me first I was excited to try it on.  When I steped up on to the pedestal in front of the large mirror it hit me

~ this is THE dress ~

I said it out loud and my mom and sister seemed mildly excited that I thoguht this was the dress I wanted.
no. this is THE dress. 
The dress online. 
The dress I have a picture of in my notebook that we've been carrying around for the last 32 hours!
and it was THE dress.

I, of course, had to add my touch to it.  We added a sash and a large white flower.  And then we added the lace trimmed chapel length mantia vaile...

I loved it then.
I still love it now.

All photos from the wedding are curtousy of the amazingly talented Justin Wright of Justin Wright Photography. Post on him coming soon.
Photo of dress curtousy of Jasmine Bridal

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  1. I knew when I saw it that it was THE dress for you! Keep the stories coming and save them all for future generations! You made me smile! love, nikii


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