Friday, March 25, 2011

wedding bells...

Most of you who follow this blog, more like skim through it when I send something out, probably already know, but just in case...I'm engaged

We are all very excited and have been busy busy planning for our spring wedding.  It has been a few months since all the excitement started, which is the excuse I am giving as to why I have been so sporadic on here.  Just as one thing gets finished I think 3 more things get added to the list! 

Life has begun to level out a little as wedding plans have become more final and I am excited about some new things that I hope you all will like.  As mentioned before, I hope to have my gifts and stationery available online soon,  new invitation designs, and a look into the beginnings of transforming a particular 'bachelor pad' into a cozy and welcoming home for TWO!  Who knows, I may not be able to resist and have to talk about some wedding ideas, too!

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