Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Corporate Lobbies

We spend a large portion of our lives in our workplace, yet most offices are stark, dreary, and uninviting.  This makes no sense at all to me!  This recent project is in a typical office building - gray, gray, and more gray.  The office has great natural light in the conference room and private offices adding some interest and a view, however, the lobby was lacking any interest, color, or light.  The following pictures give just a glimpse of the transformation.  What began with a lonely sofa and side table surrounded by gray walls, gray carpet, and a single overhead fluorescent light fixture is now a vibrate and inviting space with character and style.
We added a focal wall with paint and art, seating that can be moved and added to if needed, colorful accents and accessories to create interest, and some much needed new lighting.   Other areas of this office are also getting a "face-life" by adding art work, red accent walls, and company signage.


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