Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sophisticated and Chic...

My most recent project has been a lot of fun!  As with every project, I always like to use what is already existing in a client home and simply add new accents and change some things around to create new life into their already 'prized' possessions.  This project is a little different than usual because the client was ME (and my roommate)!  When roommates move in together or people get married and have to combine their possessions, it can sometimes create difficulties in creating a cohesive space.  With a little creative tweaking to some furniture and accessories and the addition of new pillows, draperies and a feww accessories this condo rental truly expresses the look and feel I was hoping for.  Pairing soft teals, greens and yellows with bold black and white patterns create a space that is sophisticated, chic, and a lot of fun!
All of the furniture was existing from previous apartments.  By working some pieces into different functions, like combining the end tables to make a coffee table, we were able to maximize the space and functionality.  With no overhead lighting in the living space, I took what was once only a buffet table in the dining room and positioned it behind the sofa allowing me to bring light to the middle of the room and creating a natural divide between the two spaces.  We created fabric panels for our art work with a little spray glue and some foam board - a great way to bring some inexpensive 'art' to a space!  We used the left over fabric from the panels and pillows we made and framed them in smaller picture frames that make up a picture collage in the dining room.

These table lamps were given new life and have become one of my favorite projects.  What used to be your typical 1970's brassy lamp with pleated off-white shades were brought to the 21st century with a coat of metallic silver spray paint and a new crisp white bell shaped shade.  The chair to the right was originally tomato red!  Rather than purchasing an expensive slip cover that we couldn't find in the color we wanted, I created my own slip cover with a flat sheet and some upholstery pins - a quick and easy way to update functional pieces that do not go with your new look.  If you have ever looked for horizontal strip draperies you know that they pretty much don't exist unless you have them custom made.  I really wanted the wide black and white stripes, which was hard enough to find on my budget, but they only came in vertical stripes.  I cut the fabric, turned it sideways and stacked my stripes to create these incredible drapery panels.  They really became the impact pieces on the space! 

 The bedrooms have a much more peaceful and calm feeling.  As a designer I always tell clients that paint is the easiest way to change up a space, yet because I have lived in rental units for the last 7 years and am never quite sure how long I will be living there, I  have never painted my space.  This time I could not resist.  I love the calming effect this gray-blue has every time you walk into the room.  Paired with clean white, deep brown and some silver 'glitz' accents this room is a peaceful retreat at the end of the day.  You may notice that the comforters are the same in both bedrooms.  It was a great deal and we both liked it, but with our own personalities we created two very different looks with the same item.  My roommate's bedroom incorporates a bold black and plum combination with mirrored silver accents - a fun and trendy look that can easily be swapped out and changed up if she so desires.  Over the headboard we did the same application as we did in the living room with the fabric panels.

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  1. Wow - My apartments NEVER looked anything likes yours!! For that matter, my home doesn't either - ha! You are so Gifted! And I love the idea about using metallic spray on an older lamp!! I am going back into my attic and looking around!

    Love, nikii


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