Friday, September 16, 2011

It's begining to feel a little like fall...

It is a little sad that I say "It's beginning to feel a little like fall" when it is still in the 80s, but if you live in the southeast, you know that the weather this past week has been heavenly.  It just makes me more eager for fall - my favorite season of the year! 

There is so much to love about this time of year...

the rich colors...
the smell of crisp cool air...
the cute jackets and scarfs you get to wear...


and the sound of 'TOUCHDOWN TITANS' over the television!


Although we may be a few weeks away from the above {hopefully not the last one, though!}, I thought I could at least begin decorating for fall.  I've never decorated much for fall, but ever since I saw this tutorial on JDC's blog, I had in mind a fall wreath.  I made one last year and adorned it with a few fabric flowers in fall colors.

I continued to use it in the spring with a few 'springier' flowers, but the problem with this wreath now is that it blends in with our front door, and I think it is too small.  I love our door, but natural burlap doesn't show up very well.

Then I came across this picture on pinterest {don't you love pinterest!?}.  I loved the big full flowers and the house numbers.  I bought a wreath similar to this, but again, our door is wood and it didn't show up well, so I returned it.
Then I remembered that I had green burlap!  Perfect!

All the rich colors of fall!

I love how it turned out.  It feels like fall and contrasts with the door perfectly.  I ended up not adding the house numbers, I thought it was a bit too much...maybe on a winter wreath?
Is anyone else ready for fall?  Happy weekend!

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  1. I love your new wreath! And that door...fantastic!

  2. I'm totally ready for fall..bring on the pumpkins and the cardigans! The colors of the flowers and the burlap really pop against your front door. So pretty!

  3. Just saw your wreath at the CSI project party. LOVE the green burlap! What a great color for your beautiful Fall wreath.


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